Spotlight: That Luxurious Feeling

Sunday, 6 November 2016

When it comes to reviewing beauty and skincare products, That Luxurious Feeling adopts a more scientific approach than you would find on most blogs and websites. MediaSource spoke with the site’s Dubai-based author about its origins, the brands and products featured, and the science behind the beauty.

How did That Luxurious Feeling come into being?
Whenever I featured beauty products on my personal Instagram account, I quickly found myself in the most inspiring and intelligent community of men and women who wanted to know more about the products I was using, and not only the shades and brands. I focused on the parts of beauty that interested me the most: the background, history, company heritage and science, and received so many questions that I felt the need for a more professional platform to address them - and this is how the idea of That Luxurious Feeling was born.

What can readers expect from the site?
TLF is a destination for readers and users to get together and learn more about this industry of products and innovations that occupies and fascinates millions of people. My readers and I learn from each other every day. We help each other out with facts, new launches and pictures, and discuss everything from skin health to makeup, luxury fragrances and ingredients. Ultimately, it is a platform where both men and women with an interest in these topics visit for inspiration and education.

Who is the site aimed at?
TLF is a global site with a global audience. I learnt early on that there are so many users out there who are conscious of what they apply on their faces. They are well educated, know the ingredients and what they stand for, and are well aware that our skin is the body’s largest organ and with that comes responsibilities.

What inspired you to discuss beauty from a scientific perspective?
Not all articles are science-based, but I focus on viewing beauty from this perspective, along with the history of beauty, in a bid to be as educational as possible and let readers know that beauty doesn’t have to be skin-deep. In my world, beauty, science and art go very much hand in hand and TLF’s written and visual content reflects that.

I have assembled a network of physicians, researchers and biochemists from all over the world who gracefully support me with information, data and basic facts. I’m not a physician myself, but I know how and where to source information and try my best to keep the scientific part light, yet comprehensive.

Your site is written anonymously – is there a reason for that?
I love being a private person and prefer the products, companies, science and history to be the centre of attention, rather than myself. Without having my face on my platforms, what I write can suddenly be for all ages, all skin colours, both genders and different face shapes. Yes, the readers get a written visual of my own colouring, skin type and skin condition as a benchmark, but the rest is really up to everyone to add. I have respect for those who choose to be much more visible on social media, but it’s not the way I wanted to conduct this platform.

How do you decide which brands/products to feature?
I only choose products and brands that I personally use, and only use products from the luxury segment or, in some cases, mid-range. Brands that interest me often hold a fascinating history, have a focus on research and development, and many of them come with some kind of social awareness (like the Estee Lauder Group driving the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign or Natura Bisse with its Foundation which supports and funds many initiatives for disadvantaged groups through social outreach). I want my readers to get a comprehensive, educational and inspirational understanding on why some products cost a little extra but are worth the splurge.

I also choose brands that credit the researchers who work year after year to develop new ingredients to protect our skin and trigger our senses. It is all about That Luxurious Feeling really, when I get that kick from the shopping experience, the way a product looks and feels, the results and sensory journey it evokes and so on. I love to work with organic and ‘natural’ brands but don’t choose them unless they come with a strong scientific background and well established and scientifically proven ingredients. And brands which also focus on male beauty always interest me.

What have been some of the highlights of running the site so far?
The highlights all come down to the amazing feedback I’ve received from my readers and followers - I’m extremely lucky to have both female and male followers - but also from representatives from within the industry. It is also a wonderful feeling when you get to work with those brands that you’ve worshiped for years, but mostly each day is a great day as I’m a small part of this incredibly generous, kind and intelligent community where I get to grow every day while also educating others. It’s quite something!

Any advice for brands looking to work with you?
As long as people who reach out to me have the same idea and approach on how to best serve the end consumer, then I’m always interested to initiate a conversation. I try to collaborate with people and brands that I can learn from. In the end, we all want customers to have a wonderful shopping experience and be happy whilst using the products!

I also appreciate being given time to test products for a good 28 days (which I always do) before reviewing. Kindness, respect and transparency is what you get when working with me, and that is what I love to find in return.

Sadly, some bloggers purchase followers to boost their figures in order to secure brand collaborations, but that will never be TLF’s way of working. TLF is all about organic growth and brings a high engagement level to the table. My followers are interested in high-end beauty, have the means to invest in it, and are real.

What’s in store for the future?
I hope there will be many more travels as I wish (and have already started preparing for) to visit plants, manufacturers and laboratories. As the site is global, I’ve got many interesting people all over the world to visit and learn from - and that’s where I hope to take TLF in the future. With time, the right economic base and numbers of followers, I also hope that TLF can follow the initiatives of the brands I work with in supporting charity and social engagement.