Blog Spotlight: InnerBeautyBuzz

Monday, 29 August 2016

Holistic therapist Mariam Yasin blogs and vlogs about health and well-being on her InnerBeautyBuzz blog and YouTube channel. Mariam spoke with MediaSource about the rapid success of her platforms since launching in mid-2015, the importance of video content, brand collaborations, and her future aspirations.

What inspired you to launch InnerBeautyBuzz?
We live in a region where designer labels and high maintenance beauty trends have become the ‘standard’, and I wanted to spread the message of self-love and natural beauty to empower women across the Middle East. As a professional holistic therapist and trainer I have been communicating positive messages to audiences across the globe for many years now, and I knew a blog would take the message to the next level.

What can audiences expect?
InnerBeautyBuzz is all about ‘wellness lifestyle’ so I cover a variety of subjects. The wellness industry is quickly gaining momentum in this part of the world, with more and more people desiring a more holistic approach to life, for themselves and their families. Whether it’s an interest in learning yoga, tackling cellulite with a homemade body scrub, or reviews of the latest natural beauty and make up brands – InnerBeautyBuzz is your go-to wellbeing diary for beautiful living. Also, my three children make their presence known from time to time!

Why did you also launch InnerBeautyBuzz as a YouTube channel?
By the year 2019, almost 90% of content of the internet will be video based! That’s a huge percentage considering how vast the online world is. So video content is crucial, especially in this part of the world where there is very little quality content being made. Thankfully YouTube is a perfect platform where virtually anyone can become a ‘content creator’.

I thoroughly enjoy the creative process of developing ideas, concepts, filming and editing, then finally seeing it all come together. Surprisingly, there is quite an intimate relationship between you and the viewers, and I get so many wonderful ideas and feedback from them. I have felt so much love and support from the very first day and I am so grateful for that.

How have you grown your channel to over 17,000 subscribers in a year?
With any platform you need to understand how it operates and also create partnerships to get the exposure you need. I also studied other YouTubers and learned a lot about what makes a channel successful. I am still learning, but believe I’m on the right track as my subscriber base is growing daily!

Beyond views and subscribers, what other metrics do you use to measure success?
I really want to empower women and young girls with the understanding that beauty starts from the inside - that being confident, strong and comfortable in your skin are some of the most powerful assets you can ever have. When I get feedback that my tips or advice have helped in some way, or inspired someone to make a change; for me that is the true success in what I’m doing.

Are you open to brand collaborations?
I collaborate with products, brands or organisations that I truly believe in and that reflect the wellness lifestyle that I promote. My audience has come to trust and respect my opinion and I always want to honour that by showcasing the best that the well-being world has to offer.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first started InnerBeautyBuzz?
There’s a lot to learn in the blogging world and one can be easily intimidated considering all the established bloggers in the region. Generally, people seem to be impressed by numbers and followers but I believe quality content is key to creating a sustainable platform that will gain respect and a loyal following. I can be slightly impatient at times so I’ve quickly learned that patience and determination are virtues - in business and in life!

Where would you like to see InnerBeautyBuzz one year from now?
My ultimate vision is to be the lifestyle brand connected to all things wellness in the region. I have a big event in Dubai planned early next year and more exciting collaborations are coming. I would love to eventually create my own skin care line and even have my own show on television!  So stay tuned…