Blog Spotlight: Cocoon to Butterfly

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Mummy blogger Sneha Rebecca Cherian aims to help empower women and nurture children through her Cocoon to Butterfly blog. She spoke with MediaSource about her thoughts on sponsored content, memorable blogging moments, and how PRs can better engage the region’s parenting bloggers.

What kind of content will we find on your blog?
The blog covers pregnancy, motherhood, insights into parenting with a purpose, and interesting spots around Dubai for mothers and children, as well as work that empowers women and children to be stewards of their future. The mission of the blog is to empower women, nurture children and shape our tomorrows. 

What have been your blogging highlights so far?
Cocoon to Butterfly was the first parenting blog in the Middle East to bring out an app. It's a free lifestyle app available for download on iOS. Another highlight was the first of a series of parenting conferences called Raising Arrows, which was initiated in April 2016.

How do you decide which places and products to feature?
The blog only features brands and venues relevant to parenting and childcare which I have personally experienced and feel will add value to my audience. I also own a lifestyle website called SignetRing which features gourmet, fashion and culture content, so there could be a fit there if something is not relevant for Cocoon to Butterfly.

What are your feelings about sponsored content?
I am open to sponsored content.  I wish every brand understood the real value that comes out of online marketing, compared with traditional forms of marketing. People buy from people they trust - trust is an important commodity and stewarding that trust by only featuring products I value is very important to me.

How do you like to work with marketers and PR?
I look for collaborations and campaigns that will add value to my blog and my audience in some way. I am particular about quality product and services, hence I believe if I am attaching my brand and name, it has to be something I would personally use. Marketers and PR professionals are free to contact by email or via the website. I will then decide if the proposal is a suitable match for the blog or website and will send across my media kit.

Any advice for PRs looking to engage with the region’s parenting bloggers?
Refrain from sending mass emails and press releases that have no relevance and add no value to a particular blogger’s target audience. Research your bloggers, have a list of suitable matches and work closely with a select few.

How do you measure ‘blogging success’?
A lot of people measure success based on numbers and the awards they have received. To me success is positive influence and impact. My biggest success has been the unsung heroes of the blog - the mothers from different parts of the world who have found hope through the blog.

What advice would you give to new bloggers?
Pursue your passion, genuinely care for your audience, get creative and master your craft. Eventually you will get noticed.