Brandy Scott to rejoin The Business Breakfast

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Brandy Scott is returning to co-present The Business Breakfast on Dubai Eye 103.8 later this month, the radio station has announced.

The New Zealander co-hosted the show from late 2006 to mid-2013, but left to return home to study for an MA in Creative Writing.

Dubai Eye 103.8 is delighted to be able to announce that listener favourite, Brandy Scott, will be returning to flagship show, The Business Breakfast,” a spokesman for the radio station said.

Scott is set to join existing presenters Malcolm Taylor and Richard Dean from May 22.

“I feel very lucky to have the chance to come back to what Richard Dean once rightly called ‘the best gig in the world’ – The Business Breakfast,” she said.

“There’s a lot of déjà vu in the three of us working together again. I think we’re all different in terms of our experience, outlook and backgrounds - and that’s a good thing. But the one thing we have in common is the desire to create great radio.”


  1. tim hubbard   Tuesday, 30 August 2016 20:08

    Have been listening to this product for 4-5 years but working shift pattern not every day. Have enjoyed but when presenters where few and far between the product took a different twist. Brandy held the product together provided a completely refreshing input . Was well balanced and maintained your high level of product delivery. For the audience it was a welcome holiday as well. Keep up the ability to be flexible and informative. Thankyou